The Shrine of Bonora is reborn: it becomes a refuge for prisoners and a haven for pilgrims

A feasibility study for the rebirth of the Bonora Sanctuary at Montefiore Conca has been launched.

A project created in collaboration between the Diocese of Rimini, the municipality of Montefiore Conca and the community of Pope John XXIII. intends to evaluate the possibility of hosting in the living quarters of the sanctuary. welcoming the reality of the Don Benzi community.

«The intention is to move the reception home for prisoners, Madre del Perdono, to the sanctuary from its current location, which is located in the city of Montefiore”explains Giorgio Pieri, responsible for receiving facilities. «The house currently accepts 12 people with court orders and six people sent by KNAV. – continues Pieri – The Educational Community with Prisoners (CEC) is an educational project present in the diocese for more than 20 years, offering people human and spiritual education. We are also evaluating the possibility of creating a small accommodation company for pilgrims, strengthening the current bar service».

The Sanctuary of Madonna di Bonora is located in Montefiore Conca, a short distance from the city center. the most famous and most visited Marian shrine in the Diocese of Rimini. An element of attraction is the painting “Madonna del latte”, considered miraculous. The devotion and veneration of this image is evidenced by the large number of votive offerings present in the sacristy of the building. The sanctuary can be reached on foot, a short walk from the historic center of Montefiore along the panoramic road.

“Meanwhile, we started working with Don Egidio Brigliadori, the rector of the sanctuary, and the nuns. – concludes Pieri – Welcomed young people began to take care of the greenery and work voluntarily in a small bar, there are many difficulties, not least raising money to implement these projects, but good will and cooperation with the municipality and self-government. The diocese gives hope. It was nice to see that we can discuss and dialogue together at the table and think about the good of the Diocese, the people of Montefiore and the disadvantaged people. At this moment, we can only rely on the Virgin Mary, with the certainty that she will find a way to overcome all obstacles.”

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