The story of Roberta Betti and Politeam becomes a documentary-musical narrated by Drusilla Foer

Prato, November 16, 2023 – A story of courage and tenacity, engaging and exciting like a movie. And the film became the act that made it possible in the 1990s to re-open the Politeama Prates theatre save it from the unfortunate fate of becoming a garage. A documentary musical to be exact entitled “The Woman Who Reopened the Theaters” directed by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti and an exceptional narrator: Drusilla Foer. The woman’s name was Robert Betti and she is the protagonist of the work, which will be presented in the national premiere at Politeama Prates on Friday December 1st, starts from 21:00 (ticket 15 euros). Produced by Camillo Esposito’s Capetown, Martinotti’s documentary, inspired by the story of Roberta, the late founder of Politeam, backed by her partner Elvira Trentini, will have a prestigious screening at the Turin Film Festival, where it will be shown on Tuesday 28 November, before arriving on the big screen at Politeam for an evening which pre the screening will see some exceptional artists on stage with the director, such as Simona Marchini, former director of the Arteinscena music school, and Drusilla Foer herself (moderated by Federico Berti, film critic and journalist from La Nazione). This occurs at a significant period preview of a documentary created in collaboration with Rai Cinand, with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and the Region of Tuscany through the Toscana Film Commission – Sensi Contemporanei and with the support of Patrizia Pepe: almost 25 years after the reopening of the theater on January 2, 1999. At the end of the screening, a musical idea with pieces composed by Roberta Betti by some masters of the Camerata Strumentale from Prato. “I have always had great admiration for the actions of these two extraordinary women – highlights Politeam Prates president Beatrice Magnolfiová – What’s more, I measure their courage because I directly experience the determination to manage Politeam. In Italy, even in recent years, between the pandemic, economic difficulties and increasingly complicated regulations, too many theaters have closed without taking atmospheric events into account. Roberta and Elvira’s legacy is a precious asset that should never be taken for granted and needs the city’s affection every day.”

Politeama is a natural scene for the opening of this film production signed by Martinotti in both script and direction, immediately fascinated by the history of the theater when Roberta was still alive. The first shots date back to 2019, and then work on the film resumed after the pandemic. Martinotti’s, director of the France Odeon festival, president of the National Association of Film Authors and winner of prestigious awards, will be a story within a story, among the emblematic events of the all-female history of Prato, music, dance and aspirations. a group of young artists who took their first steps in musicals thanks to the Arteinscena school. The structure of the documentary musical (length 55 minutes) converges in the first-person statements of the heroes of the story, in which public authorities and private individuals were involved, and a special narrator like Drusilla Foer, who personally knew Roberta Betti and was like that. friend to have an artistic “baptism” directly at Politeama. The documentary will alternate between different testimonies, including those of Simona Marchini, Giovanni Caccamo and Franco Godi, whose artistic journey was intertwined with the likeness of Roberta Betti and Elvira Trentini. “Today, it all seems almost like a fairy tale,” writes the director. Even today, Roberta and ElvĂ­ra’s dream continues successfully: the shows of great appeal follow one another, and the legacy of Arteinscene has been gathered thanks to the cooperation with the School of Musical Theater, which this year sees 35 children and teenagers studying the disciplines of musicals. To attend the screening on December 1st, you can buy a ticket directly at the theater box office, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Information:

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