There is a new cholesterol drug, it is much more convenient to take

What is the new cholesterol drug made of and what are the staggering numbers it has shown.

The new cholesterol drug, it's an acid
Anti-Cholesterol Foods (

New Cholesterol Drug: Italian Medicines Agency already last spring it promoted the adoption of bempedoic acid, which has been shown to be very useful in eradicating bad or LDL cholesterol. All this while minimizing the occurrence of side effects to the greatest possible extent.

This is a manifestation of muscle pain caused by statins. Taking this new cholesterol medication involves taking one tablet once a day and requires a prescription.

This new anti-cholesterol drug is then considered a so-called “smart drug”. This is the name for those that have been created in the last few years and have been able to improve the results of other already existing pharmaceutical products.

On average, bempedoic acid is able to reduce the level of bad cholesterol by 23%. treatment that provides one 180mg tablet daily for six months. Which caused the decline up to 39% of risks stop suffering from heart attacks and heart diseases.

A new anti-cholesterol drug, what are its benefits

The new cholesterol drug, it's an acid
Oral tablets (

Important numbers that the Italian Diabetology Society also highlights when they speak in more than positive terms of bempedic acid.

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This is a valid alternative to statins and is very useful for anyone who has chronic LDL levels, whether due to genetic predisposition or other reasons.

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There is certainly another great advantage, which is oral intake in the form of tablets. So there is no need to resort to injections or the like.

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Another useful remedy in this sense is Inclisiranhowever, the availability of which is only limited to the regions of Lombardy, Campania, Lazio and Puglia. And which has a prohibitive cost of almost €4660 per syringe, even though it is fully covered by the NHS.

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