These 3 ingredients are enough to keep your hands young and beautiful even after 40 years

With these simple ingredients we already have at home, we can make a lotion that hydrates our hands and keeps them young: here’s how

The hands they represent our business card, they are a tool to introduce ourselves and meet new people – especially now that after the phase of restrictions due to Covid – the handshake has returned to the usual gesture.

But the hands are involved in many activities every day that will destroy them over time: the use of aggressive soaps and detergents when cleaning the house, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, minor cuts and abrasions, and finally advanced age – these are all factors that expose the hands to premature aging.

Is there a natural way to take care of your hands and keep them young and beautiful without spending a fortune on very expensive beauty products? Yes, and we can find a solution to this problem… in our kitchen.

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“Rejuvenate” your hands with natural ingredients

The remedy we are going to propose involves the use of three very economical ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen: lemon juice, olive oil and sugar.

The lemon juice supports the renewal of skin cells, helps the healing of small wounds, strengthens the skin and regenerates cracked areas; in addition, its lightening effect helps reduce small age-related skin spots.

Advantagesolive oil for skin and hair: generally protects against the effects of atmospheric factors (cold, sun, wind), has antioxidant and softening properties.

Olive oil on the skin of the hands protects against the action of free radicals and prevents cell aging, deeply nourishes even the most sensitive skin.

The sugar finally, with its grainy consistency, it has a peeling effect and acts like a peeling, contributing to the removal of dead cells and skin regeneration.

To prepare our nutritious milk mix two spoons of olive oil, two spoons of sugar (for a slightly more aggressive action, we can use brown sugar) and the juice of half a lemon in a mug.

Mix quickly with a spoon and spread the mixture on your hands and fingers, insisting on the skin with small circular movements. After a quarter of an hour, rinse your hands under running water and dry them.

3 tips to protect your hands

Always wear gloves

To keep our hands young over time, we must first protect them from the action of detergents and detergents that we use for washing dishes and other household chores.

It is good practice to wear protective gloves whenever you start cleaning the house, but also when we have to do small jobs that involve the use of glues, solvents or sharp objects.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Hydration is a basic strategy to keep the skin always flexible and young. Several times during the day, we should resort to the help of moisturizing hand creams – especially in winter, when the cold is relentless on our skin.

Alternatively, we can use nourishing oils and butters of natural origin – such as Shea Butter.

Sun protection is essential

Even the skin of the hands is attacked by ultraviolet rays – especially if we consider that the hands are constantly exposed to the sun, both in winter and in summer, and almost always without protection.

With the arrival of the beautiful season, even if we are still in the city, we should remember to protect the skin from the sun and the skin of the hands: UV rays, in addition to increasing the risk of skin diseases, also cause unsightly spots and promote tissue aging.

Fortunately, there are UV protection moisturizers that combine hydration and sun protection in one product.

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