This is how to combine meat with vegetables to make minestra maritata like I do at Christmas –

This is how you combine meat with vegetables, you make maritata soup like I do at Christmas. You can’t go wrong with your husband at Christmas, so follow my advice.

At Christmas, bringing maritata soup to the table is a challenge, because everyone prepares it according to canons and criteria, but whatever the basic recipe, maritata soup cannot become an improvisation, but must be made according to criteria or using the right vegetables and the right ingredients, anyway like proper meat. We can add or take away, that’s subjective, but the foundation must be the same. It is illegal to go and choose one of the different recipes for minestra maritata, but I assure you that if you want to make a great impression, you must pay attention to what I propose today.

This is how you combine meat with vegetables, you make maritata soup like I do at Christmas

I tried it, and not only at Christmas, because when we have the right seasonal vegetables, I prepare them normally, even if it’s a bit heavy. But the taste of minestra maritata in winter is something that I can’t go beyond. Let’s first find out what are the right ingredients we need to buy and above all understand the times and costs we will face.

Christmas soup

How many times have you heard, “It’s as good as I make it”, and no one doubts it, but you have to be able to look beyond your nose and experiment, because cooking is experimentation.


400 g of pork ribs

100 g lard

400 g of pork cheeks

four sausages

400 g of cabbage

400 g of escarole

400 g of beets

400 g of chicory



a stalk of celery

Three parmesan crusts

150 g caciocavallo




This is how you combine meat with vegetables, you make maritata soup like I do at Christmas. Method

We start with the meat, then take a saucepan and put chopped carrots, onions and celery inside, fry in olive oil, add chopped garlic and lard. Let it melt for a while and add the whole pieces of meat, cover the saucepan with water about two thirds of the way. Let it cook for four hours and then boil the stock and after four hours remove the meat with a slotted spoon. Set aside and let cool, then cut into small pieces and fillet, removing the remaining bones.

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How to make soup

We proceed carefully with the vegetables, cut them into pieces and let them boil in the broth we made, soften and then cook. Of course, we salt everything according to our taste and need. Once the vegetables are cooked and therefore tender, remove the pieces of meat and add them to the casserole, also add the Parmesan ribs and sprinkle with a handful of pepper. A tip to remember is that the meat will need to be skimmed occasionally during cooking to remove the fat that rises to the surface as it cooks. But let’s go back to us, once we add all the ingredients, add the caciocavallo in small pieces, don’t forget to mix everything well and transfer it to the container with which we will serve it to the table. As you may have noticed, making this marriage soup was not that complicated, with low milk content, all the steps and the right amount of ingredients are clearly present. Here is the Christmas soup, you will make a great impression, I assure you!

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