This man grew 3 banana trees in the middle of the street for over 2 years (and the epilogue will make you cry)

A man planted three banana trees in the middle of a traffic island and watered them every day for two years. Now he was forced to remove them, but fortunately the plants found a new home

Planted by a 50-year-old Japanese man three banana trees in the middle of the main road city ​​of Kurume in Fukuoka Prefecture and watered them at least twice a day for two years before anyone noticed their existence.

However, he was recently ordered to do so remove trees because he illegally planted them on a public road. Failure to do so would risk spending up to a year in prison or paying a fine of ¥500,000 (€3,650).

It is not clear why the man did this and why he chose a traffic island to grow them, but eventually they got so big that they started to grow. endanger the field of vision of motorists.

Fortunately, the banana trees have now found a new home

So the protagonist of this story was forced to remove three banana trees, although, as he admitted to journalists, he now feels alone without bananas. The banana trees in Kurume had been the subject of national attention for weeks, and on the day they were removed, crews from major news channels were on site.

They interviewed the man who planted them and filmed him trying to do it eat one of the harvested unripe bananas. It was too green to eat, but the man ate it anyway. How the banana enthusiast managed to stay off the police radar for so long, mainly due to his daily watering ritual, remains a mystery.

Fortunately, banana trees they found a new home. Two of them are done in the garden of an 80-year-old man who promised to take care of it while the one dubbed “Kurume’s Banana Man” did gave the third to a friend for his birthday.

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Source: FNN

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