Three events in Coriano for women and against gender violence

“In these days of pain and horror over the killing of Giulia Cecchettin at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, it is with bitter emotions that we all prepare to celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women,” it saidcouncilor for equal opportunities of the municipality of Coriano, Senator Domenica Spinelli – As a woman and a mother, even before I was a representative of the institutions, I am convinced that stopping these murders of women through consistent and increasingly strict legislative instruments is essential to protect women oppressed by their husbands or partners. If on the one hand it is necessary to work within families and schools, on the other hand it is necessary to act with ever greater determination. On Wednesday, November 23, after approval in the House of Representatives, the bill will reach the Senate a bill that I am a signatory of to strengthen women’s defense measures. An instrument that will go simultaneously with the increase in funds for the plan to combat violence and for the defense of women based on conditions of violence.

They are expected in Corian three meetings open to citizens which range from raising awareness for respect for every woman by installing another orange bench, a symbol of strength and hope, to a meeting focused on women’s health, to a theater performance that effectively kicks off the Corte Theater season”.

Please note that the anti-violence counter is active 24 hours a day in Coriano. To make an appointment, just call or send a message to 3357661501 and the operators of CHIAMA ChiAMA District Anti-Violence Center will answer you”.

The first of three meetings scheduled for this week is focused on understanding and treating breast cancer. On Friday, November 24, in the Isotta room at 9 p.m., Dr. Domenico Samorani, director of the surgical-senology department of the Franchini Hospital in Santarcangelo, and Patrizia Bagnolini, president of the voluntary association “Il Punto Rosa”, will meet the public. free and will be an opportunity for the public in the room to ask questions and assess the chances of recovery from this cancer, which is the first cause of death in women with a lifetime probability of 1 in 10.

“Investment in the prevention and dissemination of a topic as sensitive as women’s diseases,” comments the councilor for health policy, Dr. Paolo Ottogalli – is a crucial step not only for the dissemination of scientific progress in the field of forms of cancer such as breast cancer, but also for the promotion of the association and social network that revolves around it. I am sure that the presence of two excellences of our territory, such as Dr. Samorani and Patrizia Bagnolini with the association Il Punto Rosa, will be extremely useful for all the participants of the evening”.

On Saturday 25 November at 10:30, the fourth orange bench in this area will be inaugurated in Cerasolo, in the green area between via Del Sole and via Monte Pirolo. The godmother of the event will be the president of the association Il Punto Rosa Patrizia Bagnolini. A symbol of hope and a culture of respect 365 days a year, orange is also the color of Orange the World – the International Day of Combating All Forms of Discrimination and Violence against Women, to which the city’s leadership is also committed this year. Hall.

The third date, the evening of November 25, the start of the new theater season with a performance at 9:15 p.m. “I need a psychologist” by and with Deborah Villa at the CorTe Theater.

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