Tourism: Emilia Romagna aims for 16% of GDP by 2030

Airport investment and post-pandemic challenges: prospects and ambitions of the Italian tourism sector according to experts and regional authorities

“These goals are achievable,” assured Andrea Corsini, regional councilor for tourism, on the sidelines of the conference in Riccione. “I believe that this goal, especially achieving a 35% international presence, is achievable in the next five years.” “After the war in Ukraine, after unfortunately the blocking of arrivals from Russia and from Ukraine itself,” added the councilor, “in 2023 we have renewed the path of growth of international arrivals and presence, and I believe that from this point of view investment in airports and new routes is naturally essential for reaching the target of 35% attendance”.

Even the president of Visit Romagna and the mayor of Rimini, Jamil Sadegholvaad, believes that the goal of internationalization is “absolutely within reach”. For him, it is “essential to continue investing in the foreign market”. “We are in a historical phase in which Italian families are going through a special socio-economic moment – he notes – and therefore, if on the one hand we hope that the government will intervene to restore the purchasing power of families, on the other hand we must also capture this segment of foreign tourism that enables us to make a leap in quality”.

Bologna continues to focus on foreign tourism. “We have already reached the share of international tourism that we had before Covid – emphasized the mayor Matteo Lepore -, in fact we exceed 55%. For us, the qualification of the offer is essential, as it serves to attract an increasingly qualified demand, capable of using the cultural offers of the city. This is our main reason for visiting and we will continue to invest in this direction.”

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