Towards record hotel bookings for the winter season

After a summer slowdown in the number of visitors to Italian hotel establishments, the number of reservations for the upcoming Christmas holidays is increasing again and is heading for a potential record: rooms already booked for Christmas are 39%, while the whole winter season records 44.75% with an average daily rate of 216.6 euros, both marks growth compared to 2022.

Madonna di Campiglio, Bormio and Cortina are proving to be the most popular winter destinations and the Romagna Riviera is surprisingly sold out on New Year’s Eve. This follows from an analysis presented by the Albergatore Pro agency on the occasion of the annual summit of professional hoteliers in Riccione.

The analyzed data, which comes in real time from management software installed on more than 300 buildings located in the mountains, shows a more than encouraging winter season in terms of room occupancy and ADR (average daily rate, average daily rate calculated per double room) in period between December 2023 and March 2024: average occupancy is currently 44.75% (+4.18% at the same time in 2022), with peaks above 60% on the long weekend of 8 December and New Year’s Eve, with an ADR of 216 .6 euros. Provisional employment for December is already at 49.5%, +7% in 2022, with Adr at 240.10 euros.

In 2022, in the same month, the final occupancy was 68.1% and the ADR was 217.80 euros. In January, there are currently 51.3% of occupied rooms (+10.6% compared to 2022) with an ADR of €218.40, while 2022 recorded 81.2% of occupied rooms with an ADR of €201. The month of February currently records an occupancy of 46.5% (+3.9% compared to 2022) with Adr at €230.80. The previous year ended with an occupancy rate of 85.1% and a final ADR of 211.30 euros. Only the month of March behaves abnormally, with employment of 31.7% (a decrease of 4.8% compared to the same moment in 2022) with ADR at 177.20 euros. 2022 closed with 75.4% occupancy and ADR at 178.40 euros.

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