Want to reunite with a distant friend or person after years? Go to “Florence, what a surprise!”

Florence, November 14, 2023 – There are those who dream of reuniting with a friend lost in time, those who would like to see their primary school teacher again or contact their first love many years ago. Faces, stories, voices that remain indelible in our minds and become pieces of life that are not forgotten.

La Nazione, through its channels (print edition, online and Luce!) supports the famous Florentine actor and presenter Fabio Canino in his “Fiesta”, which will be performed in December at the Teatro di Rifredi, from 28 to 1 January: a comedic tribute to Raffaella CarrĂ .

Fabio Canino, center, with the cast "Fiesta!"

Fabio Canino, center, with the cast of “Fiesta!”

It is in honor of the unforgettable showgirl that the show will offer the stories of those who meet (again) after years, a real carramba. Therefore, we ask you readers to send them to us your demands. Far in time and space or closer. A relative who lives miles and miles away and is never heard from again. The best stories will be selected and presented in a performance at the Rifredi Theater.

Or a child who works or studies far away, who cannot return for the Christmas holidays and whom you want to surprise. There is a special email to report your stories ((email protected)).

Current events also bring us to the flood and the tragic images of the last days in the provinces Pistoia, Prato and Florence.

Many nameless helped those who lost everything, stories torn from the flood. “Fiesta” could come into its own meeting place those who want to hug a mud angel, a volunteer, a firefighter, anyone. The myth of Raffaelle CarrĂ  is very much linked to “Carramba che Surprise”, the successful Saturday night television program of the nineties that brought people back together.

“Fiesta” will also be a tribute to the national Raffaella in this sense. We are therefore waiting for your stories and your requests for this new program with an evocative title: shout all together “Florence, what a surprise!”. Appointment in the theater, for great emotions in the theater and outside.

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