Watch out for Befana stockings, a dessert loved by children

Epiphany stockings affected by food recall due to salmonella
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We are already thinking about Befana stockings. Stocking up on classic sweets, which we will need to fill up before Christmas, can be suitable from several factors. In fact, we can avoid crowds, avoid accessibility issues and more.

If we fill Befana’s stockings now, we won’t have to deal with that with unpleasant price fluctuations which could very easily happen especially after January 1st and until January 6th, the day of Epiphany and in Italy the tradition of filling Befana stockings.

That’s why it’s important to listen to what the Ministry of Health has to say, which issued a food recall do not underestimate. The subject of the information is actually a candy that is often found inside a sock.

It’s something that little kids really like and can be found on sale in supermarkets of the Carrefour, Iper and Unes chains. The ministerial notice on food recall provides all the necessary information in this regard.

Befana stockings, food details

Epiphany stockings affected by food recall due to salmonella
Reminded Sweets (

Those subject to food recalls are Soft marshmallow skewers and gummy candies that they report brand Dolciaria Cidneo. Unfortunately, the presence of Salmonella bacteria is suspected, which would be present in a very specific batch.

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The plot number is 39303 which is sold in 60 gram units. And which they report as an expiration date or a minimum shelf life on 30/04/2025. This product has the EAN recognition code 8000038122059.

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The producer of Dolciaria Cidneo has its own production plant located in the Lombardy city of Montirone, in the province of Brescia.

A toll-free number is available for information

According to standard guidelines, in situations like this, it is recommended not to eat this product and to return it to the point of sale where it was purchased.

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There is also a dedicated toll-free number for consumers to callee it’s 030 3739006. This is so that we can request additional information on the matter.

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