We’ve tried Chiara Ferragni’s new make-up and we’ll tell you what not to miss

Have you ever had love at first sight beauty? To tell the truth, many of mine, though they often turned out to be fleeting loves, lasting long enough to be replaced by a new one that comes along (or the old one, but in a more captivating decoy-style package) .

Who knows if he will also meet the same fate my new obsessionor if it will withstand and brighten up the Christmas holidays that are just around the corner.

The conditions for this to happen are all there, because I’m talking about Lipstick Kiss Fiercely 10 from the new Chiara Ferragni make-up drop, warm nude decorated with a cascade of glitter.

Perfect for those who want to shine without overdoing it, who don’t feel comfortable with a classic red lipstick, but are still looking for something to wow. However with discretion.

Plus? Even if it’s not a color it lasts quite well on the lips even after a meal, thanks to the power of the glitter, which sticks to the mucous membranes and hardly comes off.

While it doesn’t seem to be one of the pieces that the brand wants to particularly focus on in terms of communication, I find it without a doubt the best of this latest beauty release digital entrepreneur and completely in line with the current lip trendwhereas there are several brands that they have included in theirs Holiday Collection Lipstick Glitter.

But this is not the only lipstick in the collection, which with the new product definitely focuses on nudes Basic set, the driving force behind the brand, already designed in previous drops and presented at least once a day by Chiara herself via Instagram stories. Consisting of pencil and lipstick, she didn’t spark the same spark in me as her glittery co-star. The fault, if it can be so defined, lies in the colors, and beige lipstick light and brownish on a pencil, excellent for daytime make-up, but not suitable for everyone, least of all summer people or those with a slightly dull skin, which these nuances risk taking away even more light.

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