What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas, how many goodies

What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas could send us into a panic: how can we be original? We will tell you.

What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas, from starters to dessert
Christmas table (Ricettasprint.it)

What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas? Menus are mostly the usual ones, the ones we know from childhood and which are redesigned every year in the name of tradition. Especially Fish dominate the tables during the Christmas holidays.

From appetizers to first and second courses, fish specialties are very often offered. What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas, therefore, the goodness of the sea cannot be ignored.

Because it is? Why is there a tendency to consume fish dishes in areas that are not purely mountainous? Whether it is mostly salt water or fresh water. The explanation is very specific in this regard.

And it all boils down to the fact that Christmas Eve is understood as a day of duty anyway maintain some frugality, so fish takes precedence over meat. A fish that is lighter but no less tasty or less hearty.

What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas, a few ideas

What to cook for Christmas Eve and Christmas, from starters to dessert
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However, you can also go beyond meat at Christmas. To then come back a bit more slowly on Boxing Day. There are many ideas that you can put on the table on December 24 and 25, and we bring you some ideas with tasty, original recipes that do not involve big expenses. Let’s start with appetizers and first courses:

Wow your guests this Christmas with pumpkin and artichoke pate, it’s amazing on canap├ęs!

With a roll of shortcrust pastry, you can prepare a fantastic ring for Christmas in just 10 minutes

Pandora yes, but salty. Here’s a new flavor frontier this Christmas for an aperitif you didn’t think you could make

Linguine with cherry tomatoes and mussels: the first to make on Christmas Eve like this, no one expects it!

I prepare them in 20 minutes and always make a good impression: with Ravioli alla pizzaiola it will be a special Christmas

This is how you combine meat with vegetables, you make maritata soup like I do at Christmas

Pasta with clams on Christmas Day, add chickpeas and surprise everyone!

Second courses and desserts

We continue with some suggestions for second courses and the inevitable dessert:

Baked cod: a refined and delicious second course for Christmas

Seafood Salad for Christmas Eve Dinner. I make it so I get asked for it every year!

But which roast beef for Christmas, prepare meatloaf stuffed with eggs and spinach, change the music at the table

How about octopus with chickpeas and potatoes for Christmas Eve? Let’s leave a little tradition, you will see that you will not disappoint anyone

Prawns with grapefruit: a refined dish for true connoisseurs, prepare them for Christmas Eve

Mussels au gratin: a quick and impressive appetizer to enjoy on Christmas Eve

You only need a little nutmeg and ginger for this dessert, serve it after dinner on Christmas Day

Soft and cinnamon-scented, these cookies are perfect for Christmas gifts

Sweet pancakes: a smart recipe, you will prepare them in 10 minutes, you will devour them one by one

Cream to accompany the panettone, Aunt Assuntina’s top secret recipe

Did you know that you can prepare struffoli for Christmas already? Play early this year, I’ll let you in on my secret!

All this will make Christmas a huge success for us, without the fear of always having to feel judged. We will make even the biggest skeptics think again.

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