Why American pistachios are good for runners

That American pistachios are good for runners and generally an excellent nutritional ally for those who do sports is not what we say, but many scientific nutrition research applied to physical exercise.

In fact, American pistachios are rich in mineral salts, B and P vitamins and are also an excellent source of protein, which is essential amino acids useful for muscle regeneration after training.

But let’s take it easy…

Benefits of American pistachios for runners and athletes

We often hear that dried fruit is “good for you”. It’s a statement that needs to be put into context, and in the case of American pistachios, too benefit for health and sports performance They are different.

They are also an excellent ally for those who want to lose weight (or at least control it): why they support a long-term feeling of satiety throughout the dayit helps maintain the right energy level and thus becomes a ready-made, useful, convenient and healthy snack.

Here are the top benefits of American pistachios for runners and sports enthusiasts:

• ENERGY IN HAND: American pistachios are a high-energy-dense food, meaning they contain a good amount of calories in a small volume. The recommended daily allowance is 30 grams (about 49 pistachios), which provides 160 calories.

• PROVIDED SNACK: Rich in fiber and with 3 grams per serving, they support a feeling of satiety. Among the different types of nuts, there are those with the highest percentage of fiber. In addition, thanks to their low glycemic index, they help maintain a stable blood sugar level even after their consumption.

•BEST FRIENDS: American pistachios support heart and blood vessel health. Their phytosterol content helps to improve the lipid profile of those who use them and contributes in particular to the reduction of LDL cholesterol, the “bad” one.

• HEALTHIER BONES: In pistachios, oleic acid predominates among the monounsaturated fatty acids. This is the same fatty acid found as the main component of olive oil, which not only boasts good resistance to oxidation, but also supports bone growth and health.

American pistachios are also good further support of health and psychophysical well-being General:

•HEALTHY FOR EYES: These green fruits have a good content of vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps eyesight.

• HELP FOR THE SKIN: The rich presence of vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant, prevents aging of the skin and cells of our body, and also helps to detoxify the body from pollution and smoking.

• STRENGTHEN THE IMMUNE DEFENSE: The presence of minerals such as zinc and selenium helps to make the body’s defenses more effective.

Why are American pistachios good for runners?

The answers come directly from some scientific studies that analyzed the nutritional value of American pistachios in relation to athletic performance.

•COMPLETE PROTEIN SOURCE: Recent studies conducted on American pistachios have shown that they contain all nine essential amino acids in the correct amount as animal protein, and are therefore classified as a protein food of high biological value due to their amino acid completeness. profile. This makes them ideal as a snack at the end of sports activity to support the repair of damaged muscles and to support protein synthesis necessary for muscle mass growth. A 30 gram serving provides 6 grams of protein.

• SUPPORT ENERGY MECHANISMS: Vitamin B6, which is very present in pistachios, contributes to the conversion of lactic acid into glucose, which is an important mechanism for supplying energy to the muscles, especially during sports activity. Vitamin B1, which is also particularly rich in pistachios, helps convert sugars into energy, regulates heart activity, is important for the conduction of nerve impulses and promotes growth. Finally, niacin, a B vitamin, also in good quantity in these fruits, in addition to improving the appearance of the skin, is necessary for the release of sugars at the muscle level during motor activity and for the conversion of fat deposits into energy. .

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