Women’s Volleyball A2, Omag-MT look for redemption against Lecco to retain fourth place

Valuable points are at stake for Omag-MT coach Matteo Bertini. On Sunday, November 19, at 17:00, the players of Marignano will take to the pitch in Palamarignano, where they will face Picco Lecco, in the eighth first match of the Women’s Serie A2 Group B.‚Äč

After suffering two defeats in a row, one at home against Macerata and one away against Mondovì, Ortolani and his teammates need a win to maintain fourth position in the table and keep the morale bar high. Team Marignano will focus on high-impact team play on serve and defense as well as targeted precision in attack. Basic requirements to face the challenge against Picco Lecco.

The Lombard team is in its second season in Serie A2. After the success of the last championship, which culminated in a save obtained two days earlier, the team led by coach Gianfranco Milan underwent a complete renewal of the roster. Setter Rebecca Rimoldi and middle blocker Federica Piacentini stand out among the few confirmations. The power plant department sees the contribution of ex-Zia Anna Caneva and Matilde Frigerio, along with the confirmed Federica Piacentini. In place 4 we find Candela Sol Salinas, Aneta Zojzi, Martina Morandi and Gaia Badalamenti. Unfortunately, he returned last Sunday after a serious injury. As for the opposites, the role is given to Alessia Conti and Ginevra Bazzani, while the liberos are Alice Barbagallo and Rachele Mainetti.

All the conditions are there to witness another exciting match between two teams eager to prove their worth. It remains to be seen how the match will play out and which players will come out on top during the match.

Coach Alessandro Zanchi, how do you assess the team’s work week?

“The week was definitely positive. We are facing some challenges, especially due to the major ailments that have affected the team leadership. These physical problems have made it impossible for us to train fully in recent weeks and, unfortunately, it was reflected in our match performances.”

What is the strategy adopted to overcome these difficulties?

“We are working hard to resolve these issues. We are particularly in tune with the work done by Andrea Arduini, our physical therapist, and Federica Colabufalo, our athletic trainer. They’re doing a great job of getting players back quickly.”

Is there optimism for the next matches?

“Absolutely. We are all aware of the team’s ability to change the tempo. There is a strong will, both from the staff and the players, to improve and achieve better results. Sunday and Wednesday’s games are key to achieving our first goals of the season. We are determined to deliver in these days the maximum and at the end of the first round we will take stock.”

The match will be managed by Fabio Sumeraro and Eustachio Parapietro.

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