Women’s volleyball A2, Omag-MT wins on the floor of Costa Volpino: it is in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup

OMAG-Mt continue to smile and do so by conquering Pala Cbl, earning crucial points to advance to the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup. Three important points for Bertini’s team, boosting them in the standings and also giving them morale. A brilliant start for the aunts who won the first set 25-20. He tries to escape in the second set but is caught and outmatched by the tenacious Costa Volpino. After going back and forth with continuous turnovers in front, they cancel three set points and win the partial 29-31. It is certain that they qualify for the cup, they play the third set easily and finish it with a score of 18-25.
The Italian cup pairings are: Macerata-Messina, Perugia-Omag-Mt, Montecchio-Talmassons and Busto-Cremona, played on Wednesday 10 January at 20:30.
The meeting for all our fans is on Sunday the 26th in Palamarignano for the first leg of the second leg against Offaneng.
Alice Nardo commented at the end of the match: “We are very happy for these 3 hard points against a tough team and on a tough pitch. We had some physical problems that we overcame with the right head and mentality. Now we are enjoying this victory.”



VOLPINO CBL COSTA VOLPINO: Dell’orto 2, Lancini 12, Agbortabi 8, Rossi 7, Ghezzi 13, Mazzoleni 2, Pacchiotti (L), Agazzi 3, Boshnakova 2, Magazza, Gay, Vicet Campos, Green. Everyone, Cominetti.

OMAG-MT SAN GIOVANNI IN MARIGNANO: Turco 3, Ortolani 17, Parini 10, Giacomello 7, Nardo 9, Consoli 10, Caforio (L), Pecorari 3, Cangini, Salvatori. Not to enter: Meliffi, Ghibaudo, Saguatti (L). Everyone, Bertini.

REFEREE: Pernpruner, Testa.

PARTS: 20-25, 29-31, 18-25

NOTE Set Duration: 26′, 39′, 27′; Total: 92′. MVP: Gay.

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