Youth basketball, RBR: U19 and U15 away successes against Virtus and Fortitudo

Great satisfaction for the youth sector of Rinascita Basket Rimini. Under-19 d’Eccellenza conquers the floor of Virtus Bologna, while under-15 d’Eccellenza achieves success at SG Fortitudo.

Under 19 years of excellence

Virtus Bologna – Angels/RBR 66-71 (14-14, 15-14, 14-34, 23-9)

Virtus Bologna: Berlati, Baruffaldi 18, Boggian 7, Cappellotto, Faldini 7, Guidotti, Soli, Donati 4, Accorsi 5, Baiocchi 15, Vandini 2, Maurizzi 8.

Angels/RBR: Antolini no, Bonfè, Panzeri, Mulazzani 18, Benzi 12, Baschetti no, Macaru 9, Lombardi 5, Mari 6, Adamu 21, Morri no, Di Giacomo no.

On Monday night in the Bolognese area for the boys in yellow and blue who will face Virtus in a very intense match. We start right away with two very intense teams attacking the rim and reviving an even first quarter, but with Homers always heads up. In the second period, the Santarcangioles let go of the defense for a while, and with two 3-point baskets by Baiocchi, the Bolognese found the first big gap of the match. After coach Serra’s time-out, Abba takes the team on his shoulders. Santarcangelo returns just before halftime.

After returning from the locker room, the yellow and blue restarted at a very high tempo in defense, an aspect that then allowed for more calmness in attack. Clementini, led by a fired-up Benzi, score 34-14, capable of bringing the Black Vs to their knees. The fourth period may seem the most in control, but Virtus does not give up and bombs the basket from long range to close it at 6. The yellow and blue struggle to find a way to the basket and have to do it all over again. In the final round of the clock, the Angels managed to find a clear offense and the best shot with Benzi scoring from three, +5, with 45 seconds left. Time out for the home side, two excellent defenses by the visitors and a win for Clementinis in Bologna.

Up to 15 years of excellence

Emilbanca SG Fortitudo – IBR/RBR 64-96 (9-20; 26-49; 42-81)

IBR/RBR: Ronci 23, Albani, Ruggeri 41, Tura 5, Altini 7, Ciancarelli 15, Trevisani 2, Cantore 2, Bronzetti, Fascicolo 1, Morandi. All: Carasso. Ass.: Verni and Brugè.

Challenge at the top of the table for Insegnare Basket Rimini, guest of the strong SG Fortitudo. At the historic Furla pitch, Rimini’s players immediately started off on the right foot and, thanks to some great team defense, forced the Emilians to move the score 3 minutes after ball two. On the other side of the pitch, newfound Altini and captain Ronci are bringing important points for the Warriors. In the second period, there was a proud response from the home team, who proved to be a solid and very prepared team. Countering SG’s offense is handled by the usual Ruggeri, an excellent performer both near and far from the basket, and Tura, adept at providing assists to his teammates.

Since returning from the locker room, our Warriors have picked up the pace and, led by Ciancarelli, significantly increased the lead to +39 with ten minutes to go, extinguishing any chance of recovery in the final period. IBR wins a tough match at SG Fortitudo mainly thanks to great teamwork in defense, continuing the positive wave.

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