Youth football, only smiles for Gabicce Gradara: two successes and two draws

An excellent weekend for Gabicce Gradara’s teams: two wins and two draws


Gabicce Gradara Urbino 0-0

The draw reflects the course of the match, which was short on opportunities and in which both teams were especially careful not to concede a goal.

In the first half, the match took place mainly in the midfield, and the first significant action came in the 34th minute with a shot from outside Petes, which the goalkeeper saved. On the turn in front, Urbino insidious on the counterattack with Nobile, who becomes the protagonist of a great save.

In the second half, Gabicce Gradara tried to assert themselves more and came close to scoring from a free kick with Magi A. and Finotti’s shot shortly after. The visiting team does not stand and watch, but always finds Nobile ready. Finally, Fuzzi tries it: his shot is blocked by the defense.

In the next round, Gabicce Gradara will rest and return to the pitch on Sunday, December 3 at 14:30 at Pol. Lunana.

GRADARA GABIC: Nobile, Franca, Bacchini, Della Chiara, Andreani, Magi A. (20′ st Magi F.), , Moutatahhir, Fuzzi, Semprini, Finotti, Petese (30′ st Mancini). Available Sciuto S., Sciuto A., Bergamini M. All. Porcelli.


GabicceGradara-Villa San Martino 2-1

Gabicce Gradara defeated struggling Villa San Martino to finish second in the group and now await the draw for the regional stage. Iachini’s team (due to the flu on the bench Gaia and Porcelli) started very determinedly and scored already in the 2nd minute with a precise diagonal shot into the Pataracchio area fed by Gaudenzi; in the 18th minute, Villa San Martino responded with a shot from outside that found the ready Gaggi; in the 20th minute, Mboup’s counterattack, the ball to the center for Sarli, whose shot is blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 30th minute, the main hero was the visitors’ goalkeeper again, saving on Sarlim; in the 37th minute, the culmination of a beautiful first half with a goal to make it 2:0: from the left, Sarli sets off on the right wing to Mboupa, who enters the space and pierces the goalkeeper with a beautiful diagonal. The visiting team is not up to it and in the 39th minute Gaggi appears in front and closes the gate with his feet.

At the beginning of the second half, Villa San Martino started strongly and involved Gaggi in a difficult save, who in the 20th minute could not do anything with the opponent’s attack (2:1) and in the 22nd minute Gaggi saved his goal again. In the 25th minute, a great opportunity for the home side: a free-kick from Boccalini’s own half deep for Mboupo to center Terenzi, who fired high from two steps. In the 29th minute, there was a bogey for GabicceGradara from a corner kick, a header from the Villa San Martino striker that missed the goal, and in the 45th minute an opportunity for Mboupa, but the keeper made a save. Now we are waiting for the regions to be drawn.

GRADARA GABIC: Gaggi, Buccino, Andruccioli (29. Rossi Manuel), Boccalini, Rossi Giacomo, Pataracchia, Magi S. (44. Ricci), Gaudenzi (23. Terenzi), Sarli, Farroni, Mboup. All.Iachini


Urbino-Gabicce Gradara 3-3

The final game of the provincial championship ends in a draw after a hard-fought and at times nervous game, with Magi’s team managing to get a deserved draw again.

The first half ended at 1:1: the home team’s goal after a header after a missed chance by Gabicca Gradara, equalized by Ferraj and finished off by a great Gaudenzi-Mancini combination. In the second half, Gabicce missed Gradara in front of the goal, Urbino scored two goals and a power play in the last ten minutes led to an equalizer signed by Ferrajo’s penalty kick.

The second stage will begin in mid-December.

GRADARA GABICCE: Tomassini (20 ́ cent. Barbieri), Ricci (1 ́ cent. Caico), Luzi, Buscaglia, Mosconi, Gaudenzi, Ballarini (20 ́ cent. Rossini), Benedetti, Mancini, Orazi (20 ́ cent. Foschi), Ferraj . Everyone, mages.


Gabicce Gradara – Vadese 3-1

Gabicce Gradara deservedly won the pleasant match. In the 6th minute Gabicce Gradara takes the lead with Magi after Fuligno’s cross shot. At 14′ and 17′, Gerboni and Amadori finish dangerously, and Amadori himself doubles the lead shortly after from a corner, before Grandicelli tries twice and the goalkeeper saves.

In the 12th minute of the second half, Magi made it a trio after attempts by Amadori and Magi himself, while Bertozzi covered from close range. In the 27th minute, he erased the lead of Vades, who improved in the second part of the match.

Next round on Sunday 26th in Acqualagna against Cagliese at 10:30.

GRADARA GABICCE: Bertozzi (22′ st. Marinozzi), Carena, Boccalini, Grandicelli, Marsili (22′ st. Fumagalli), Burlaschi, Fuligno (12′ st. Campa), Curzi, Amadori, Magi (22′ st. Ottavianelli), Gerboni (12′ St. Angrisani). All Campanelli.

In the photo: the Allievi team

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