Youth football, Tropical Coriano: three wins and a draw. Monday 27th meeting open to all on “Integrated Football”

Three wins, one draw and one defeat. This is the excellent result of the weekend of the youth teams of the Competitive Activities Tropical Coriano (Excellence) sector.

With the wind in their sails, the provincial under-17 team is still undefeated: they beat San Marino Academy 6-2 (hat trick by Fucci, goals by Ricciotti, Foschi and Cuckaj) with first place in the table with 19 points (+ 3 above Santarcangelo, who have one game less).

Also a win for the Interprovincial U16s: 2-0 at Due Emme 2-0 (Ciarocchi and Vescovelli goals): 7 points on the table. The only stop of the day for the junior team of coach Daniele Ballarini, who beat Forlimpopoli at home (0:1): eighth place in the table with 15 points.

The provincial under-15 team also has the upper hand: a 4-1 win at Riccione (support from Musso El Khaas, Bucci). In Group A, Mr. Lazzaretti’s team, a historic figure in the youth sector of Tropical Coriano, leads with 21 points (+3 ahead of CittĂ  di Cattolica, who have a game less). It should be noted that due to the large group – 40 boys – another team was established in Group B (Corpolò – Tropical Coriano 2-2, goals Grossi M. and Tiralongo). In addition to Lazzaretti, talented technicians Simone Carnevali and Danilo Raffaelli take care of both teams, Christian Scardino takes care of the sports part. A qualified team that demonstrates the club’s renewed commitment to youth activity: 250 members between competitive and grassroots activities with nine teams (from juniors to first football) and around twenty technicians and associates, all licensed.

Among the youngest, the emphasis is mainly on the playful part, entertainment and educational aspects: we try to develop a sense of belonging, create a strong bond between the club and the territory with the involvement of families.

In terms of competitive activity, however, the work is focused on the training and growth of players to give them a first-team perspective and make the juniors a permanent resource.

TRAINING MEETINGS OPEN TO ALL For the best possible development of the activity, Tropical Coriano has scheduled four free training sessions for the 2023-2024 season. The first is scheduled for Monday, November 27 at 20:30 in the Coriano library room (through Martin Luther King), entitled “Integrated football”: the national president of Aiac Onlus, Marcello Mancini, will delve into the topic of integrated football, that is, the development of the sport. a model in which disabled and able-bodied athletes can train and compete together. It is aimed at parents, coaches and athletes of all age categories and clubs.

In future meetings, there will be space for nutritionists, psychologists and technicians to delve deeper into all aspects related to sports activity and training methodologies.

In the photo: the Under 1 team5

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