You’ve made too much stock, sauce or roast, you’ll only save yourself if you do it and don’t waste anything –

With Christmas in mind, don’t be afraid of leftovers, even meat stock can be a great source… along with gravy and even a roast. You just have to store it correctly.

Christmas is always a big challenge for all of us between the recipes to prepare on the same day, the leftovers that arrive and the dishes that can wait. So what’s the best way to deal with too much stock, gravy and baked holiday leftovers?

How to Store Beef Stock - RecipeSprint
How to store meat stock – RicettaSprint

No problem, there is a solution for everything, so even if you have leftovers, you can get the most out of everything we prepare… I assure you that you will be doing nothing but eating like a king and queen for weeks after the holidays.

How do you store stock, gravy and roast?

Well yes, we are at that stage of the year where we have to be prepared for any type of problem, especially to avoid food waste. A trick that allows us to preserve everything in the best possible way, using both the refrigerator and the freezer to our advantage… by listening to these tips, I assure you that you will save a lot of money and nothing will go to waste.

During big holiday lunches and dinners, all things considered, the top three on the list of foods that are left over or always made in excess to meet the needs are stock, gravy, and roast meat. The real problem comes when we have to save the excess food in order to play the time factor and not only that, ready to use everything again when needed.

How do you store leftovers for Christmas?

Always try to make single-serving saddles, so for the broth, use an ice cube tray, pour it into different containers, and then store it in the freezer. Please always note the date of storage so that you can use it for a maximum of six months.

We can do the same with the sauce, but otherwise this too can be stored in a cold bowl ready for freezing, always write down the date of storage, as it can be consumed within the next three months.

How is liver stored?

Another hot topic concerns the preservation of the roast, in this particular case rely on freezer bags and plastic or glass bowls designed for storage in the freezer.

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In this particular case, however, the storage times are shorter, as a frozen roast can be consumed within a month, while refrigerated storage takes no more than 48 hours. The trick will be to store it in portions, so you can manage the meals sometimes. Nothing will go bad and everything will be used up even after Christmas! Try it now too.

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